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My Love-Hate Relationship with the Litter Locker

06:24 13.11.2008
My Love-Hate Relationship with the Litter Locker

It took me a really long time to cough up the cash for this gadget. I though about it long and hard because I knew it was expensive to start with, plus the refill cartridges are also quite pricey, and I had read some negative reviews about it online. But I went ahead and got my very own Litter Locker because I had faith that it would help reduce litter odors. I’m not sure what it is about this product — perhaps it’s the marketing copy, to which I am particularly susceptible — but despite three very bad experiences, I somehow still love this thing.

Let me tell you what happened. I brought it home and set it up with the liner cartridge that it comes with. All went smoothly. I began using it and was very impressed by how it traps the odors inside the plastic liner. After you scoop, you have to turn the handle on the side which rotates the liner and sort of seals off the portion with the freshly scooped waste. The container itself is not air-tight, so the odor elimination comes from sealing the waste in the plastic liner. Not bad.

Since I have to scoop at least three times a day, I went through the first liner cartridge rather quickly. Okay…shell out another ten bucks for a refill. Hmmm, this could get expensive. But it’s worth it, I told myself.

I had read reviews that warned not to overload the Litter Locker or you could have a mess when you try to empty it. I very carefully emptied it before the handle became hard to turn, which is apparently an indication that it’s nearing capacity. So, one time I’m happily emptying my new toy and, plop, the sausage of poo falls awkwardly out of the flimsy plastic reel while I’m trying to get it into the garbage bin. But everything’s okay because nothing has actually fallen out of the liner, all toxic material is still contained. Good save!

So, I’m on my second or third ten dollar refill cartridge (because I’m too lazy to just order the 5 pack of refills from Amazon) and this time I fail to notice the little warning line that appears on the liner when it’s nearing the end. What happened next was an unmitigated disaster. I scoop and turn the handle as usual when suddenly the tension on the handle changes drastically. The flippin’ liner has come to an end and detached itself from the cartridge and now I have an OPEN sausage of poo and litter LOOSE inside my Litter Locker!! Holy CR*P! It’s EVERYWHERE! I take a deep breath and drag the whole mess outside and fling it into the trash bin. After an extensive clean-up and lots of deep breathing, I get the situation under control and prepare the contraption to be put back into action.

Keeping my faith in this little invention, I grab my last refill cartridge and pull off the plastic seal that keeps the liner carefully in place before use. I take hold of what I assume is the end of the liner, as I have done successfully before, but quickly realize that it is not in fact the end of the liner tube but somewhere in the middle. Knowing that I have to find the end or otherwise I will be wasting valuable liner, I start pulling at the liner material only to pull more from the center portion. The end is nowhere to be found! At this point I start panicking and begin to frantically pull at the liner, which unravels onto the floor. Now I’m just pissed, so like a small child having a tantrum, I tear at the liner, ultimately pulling the whole thing out of the cartridge! After reaching the very end of the liner and having destroyed the entire cartridge which is now useless, I sit sadly on the toilet lid thinking to myself, I should have just set fire to a ten dollar bill.

Since this incident, my beloved Litter Locker has been sitting alone in the office, waiting for me to give it another chance. I’m still deciding if the relationship is over or if it’s worth another shot. Tonight I noticed that the company who makes the Litter Locker is “A division of Angelcare Refills Company Inc.” REFILLS?! It’s actually in the manufacturer’s name? You’ve got to be kidding me. I think the love affair might be over.

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